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The Terrachem Pty Ltd website is used under the following legal framework:

Terrachem Pty Ltd is incorporated under Western Australian law. Although the website aims to provide accurate and up to date information, no warranties or commitments are implied.

Information on the website is subject to copyright. To use or link to any part of the website permission should be obtained from Terrachem Pty Ltd. Content may be used for educational purposes by non commercial entities, provided it is not altered and its source is acknowledged.

Content included in any public forum is not necessarily the view of Terrachem Pty Ltd. Scientific debate and free speech are supported, however, illegal or antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. Any misuse of the website for illegal purposes will be referred to the appropriate authorities and inappropriate or defamatory content will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked from using the website.

Terrachem Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility for any links to addresses outside of the domain, as Terrachem Pty Ltd has no control over such content.

Terrachem Pty Ltd reserves the right to update or amend this Legal and Privacy section as and when necessary and to change any offers of products or services without notice.


Terrachem Pty Ltd collects personal information only to contact users of the website who have provided their details for the purpose of communication and will not provide them to any third party without permission. Although Terrachem Pty Ltd uses reputable security software and hosting services, responsibility cannot be accepted for information that may be obtained through unauthorised access to records by outside parties. If you have provided personal information by registering on the Terrachem Pty Ltd website, such information will be deleted on request. Although information will be deleted in good faith, Terrachem Pty Ltd cannot guarantee that no copy has been created through system backups, unauthorised access or other unintended means.

Any cookies that are generated by the Terrachem Pty Ltd website are not intended to personally identify visitors to the site, but may track IP addresses for purposes of collecting visitor statistics.